The Road of Portable PlayStations (PSP)
The Road of Portable PlayStations (PSP)

Hacking your PSP

Portable PlayStations or PSP, as well as the games itself that goes in it takes a certain price to your budget. This limits you players to availability of games you can play wherever you are. Well, that was certainly a problem to many as some can’t afford to pay for the games that they may want. That’s why due to this, programmers have pushed themselves to their utmost to learn and be able to hack the firmware or the system of the PSP itself to gain full access to it and bring games to players for free.
Hacking your PSP is a difficult task especially to one that is not on that field of expertise but if successful, you can maximize the use of your PSP and bring its full potential to surface. You will be able to access different custom made software called Homebrew.
Today, there also have been many types of hacks to PSP that have been generated especially now that the console is no longer supported. In fact, a standard hack was already made to hack all systems of PSPs running on latest versions.
First things first, you should prepare your PSP for the hacking that will happen. You should know its model as this will determine as to what software you may use after the hacking. Then you should update you PSP as only latest Versions will be hacked with the standard hacking regime.
Next you should download the custom Firmware PRO-C in the internet, extract the file and copy the firmware to your PSP using your USB into the folder PSP/GAME.
After you’ve put the firmware in the PSP’s system, then it’s time for you to install it. Scroll to the Game menu and Find the icon for “PRO Update”. Select it with the X button then afterwards the screen will go black and a few options will be listed. Press X to install the firmware and after waiting for a moment, you will get a Completed message. Lastly, Press X again to start the firmware.
It doesn’t end there, as next is to flash the Initial Program Loader for the PSP. For the 1XXX and 2XXX model of PSP you will need to launch the CIPL Flasher you will find in the game menu as this will enable firmware to launch when the system reboots. If you have the 3XXX and Go model, Run fast recovery so you’re IPL will launch after the PSP reboots.
Hacking your own PSP will maximize that experience you want. The games you want will be available for free and you’ll have more fun than you ever had. With just simple steps, you may hack the firmware of your PSP and enjoy what comes after.

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