The Road of Portable PlayStations (PSP)
The Road of Portable PlayStations (PSP)

How to Run Downloaded Games on PSP

Obtaining games for your Portable PlayStation is the common problem for many gamers with these devices. At first, the games were actually the problem as they would surely want to have more games as possible but these games actually cut from their budget. Later on, individual programmers have introduced free games to download in the internet. These became a huge help to gamers of PSPs, but then with these the next problem arises.
Downloading and downloading. After knowing free games can be downloaded online, one will surely want to download more games, but then what faces them next is a problem of how to run these games in their PSP. Well, having the game will surely still be a problem as long you can’t play it. That’s obvious.
So first things first, you should have your PSP’s firmware modified. Well, these games aren’t exactly legal in regards to the PSP itself. Meaning the original firmware of the PSP won’t allow these unlicensed programs as this will present your device with risks. If these risks are fine with you, then you just need to modify your PSP’s firmware to M33, OE, or Prome. Just search it, download it and then install it to your PSP.
Once you’ve installed the new firmware, then it’s time for you to gather your games. You should have a torrent downloader to make downloading possible and easier. Once you’ve downloaded the files, observe first if it is divided in parts. If it is, then all you need to do is extract files from the last part of the files. If you’re finished with that, then it’s time to plug in that PSP of yours to the computer and make an ISO folder where the Music and pictures folders are. Then add your ISO/CSO games to that ISO folder. What’s next is what you would surely know. Go to your PSP menu and open the games folder.
Engage yourself with the absolute form of entertainment while not having to pay anything. With just a few steps to run that games you downloaded, you will surely experience entertainment like no other. And you need to do is download, wait, then perform these steps and voila, just have fun.

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