The Road of Portable PlayStations (PSP)
The Road of Portable PlayStations (PSP)

How to Download Free PSP Games

More games, more fun. Well, that’s the basic logic of many. And that’s why when gaming was upgraded to another level with the help of Portable PlayStations also known as PSPs, games that are compatible with it also came crashing in the gaming industry. With optimum visual graphics and game play, these games continue to entertain people of different ages with certain prices for each game. Well, I know it sucks but if you don’t want to pay, then there are certain steps to get that game for free.
Gear up your PSP first, purchase a memory stick compatible to it so you may store more games. More games, more fun right? Buy one with the largest capacity within your budget and Format your PSP memory stick. This should only take a few seconds. Next is to find out the firmware you’ve installed to your PSP. These will be the basis as to what games will be compatible with your machine. Click home, browse and select settings, open the system settings menu, Select the system Information option, then finally, the firmware version will be shown to you.
Next is to study about Homebrew games. Homebrew applications are those done by individual programmers and these are the games that are distributed for free. To download these, you need to hack your PSP’s firmware to allow these unlicensed programs. You should be sure as to what you’re doing. Having these games is basically, piracy and if you’re up to it, you just need to acquire the custom firmware that will allow these games and install it to your PSP.
Once you’ve installed the custom firmware, then it’s time for you to download the games. Once again, this is a form of a piracy, though not as big as piracy of movies or music. You can download these PSP games with torrents in your Computer. Once you’ve finished downloading, then all you need to do next is to transfer the games from your computer to the PSP and experience the games you’ve downloaded.
Downloading these free games will surely add to your entertainment while avoiding unnecessary expenses. Though this will surely be fun for you, remember that what you’re getting into is not simple downloading. It is better to know what you are engaging on, to be more aware of the problems that might happen. If you’ve already accounted these things for, then enjoy and have fun with your PSP.

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