The Road of Portable PlayStations (PSP)
The Road of Portable PlayStations (PSP)

Advantages and Disadvantages of PSP Home Brewing

Free games are more entertained by many than the games released by the companies themselves with prices that some users may not afford. Due to this, many independent programmers have made home brewed games which obviously posted a threat on the investment of companies to the games they made to be sold.
This Home brewed games, being free is certainly a friendly party to the users of PSPs, making them the enemies of companies that actually wish to profit from what they created. Both sides have different reasons for what they do, but what does Home brewing offer more than originally made games.
First of all, Home brewers have their main strength in innovation. These enthusiastic individuals are usually the source of programs with interesting ideas. Though some maybe wacky and some maybe greatly desired by many, still Home brewers is a treasury of pure coolness for players. These home brewers also, usually get the market demand forecast more accurately than the companies. It is because they are one of the end users that make them more aware of what people really want in their PSPs.
Hacking and Home Brewing also allows customization of the PSP to be done more freely. With these, the excitement is still kept and the fun is brought to a whole new level. Home brewing also opens up programming opportunities that may not only be limited to programming of PSPs.
If done in the wrong way, PSP Home brewing may turn good situations, to bad and even worse situations. One thing that is sure to happen is that when you hack your PSP to have Home brewed games, your PSP will be void of its warranty given if the company successfully notices it when you send it for repairs. And if your hacking doesn’t succeed forget free home brewed games, forget even playing with your PSP, as failed hacking may result to a bricked system and corruption of firmware.
PSPs will surely take another level if Home brewing is done legitimately, but unfortunately it’s not. Though it may be unfathomable for others, it is still a fact that companies still want to actually gain from these. It is now up to you whether you’ll side in the Pro or Anti Home Brewing for PSP.