The Road of Portable PlayStations (PSP)
The Road of Portable PlayStations (PSP)

The Road of Portable PlayStations (PSP)

Games are the ultimate form of entertainment for many. That’s why from outside sports games like playing basketball, badminton and many more, games have evolved much farther through the help of technology. In time, gamers where enclosed inside their houses when PlayStations and computers were developed. But then, inventors came up with newer ideas. PlayStations that can be carried anywhere, making gaming available anywhere you like. Technology gave birth to Portable PlayStations also known as PSP.
2003 marked the date of the first announcement of these so called PSPs at the E3 Expo. Sony greeted fans with a much different design of PSP from today. The L and R triggers from the teaser image or rather, the prototype unit of PSP are missing and it also has flat buttons. The said reason for this was because this was only used as mock-up appearance and not intended to be final designs for the PSP to be released.
A year later, the PSPs were released and it drastically look different from the teaser images they first released. Sony may have shown early designs to the press in the hopes for gauging fan feedbacks to their new machine. It was clear that Sony has put in a lot of effort in the final designs of PSP to give its clients optimum game play experience.
The First Portable PlayStation Model was dubbed to be PSP 1000. It was the first hand held device to use a Universal Media Disc. With its multimedia capabilities and PlayStation 2 quality visuals, the PSP helped start a revolution in the portable gaming industry.
On August 30, 2007, another model of the machine was released known as PSP 2000 which was released in Hongkong. The model was said to be slimmer and lighter than the original model, and it had a faster loading UMD.
Next was the PSP 3000 released in Japan on 2008. The visual graphics of this model exceed that of the first models released. The system also had an anti-reflective technology that improves visuals even when playing outdoors.
Later the PSP Go, and PSP E-1000 were released on 2009 and 2011 respectively. As technology improves more and more, gaming also accompanies it. Giving players an optimum gameplay experience with high definition graphics, entertainment will surely be better and better.

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